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Retail Awning Displays

Betta Blinds provides a unique service, offering exceptional customer support by making available to our customers a wide range of promotional and merchandising resources including catalogues, brochures, samples and fabric swatches, showroom display awnings and our exclusive high resolution image gallery.


Maximise your sales potential while using a minimum of floor space.  Betta Blinds’ rotating display stands, including six sample awnings, are  available for customers to purchase.  The fixed base turns a full 360 degrees, allowing your customers to see every side. Smooth operation!  This display stand is incredibly strong with free rotation upon a ball bearing carousel. Call us today for details and pricing.


Ideal for in-home presentations, the Betta Blinds mobile displays and hand sample awnings provide sales staff with the ability to demonstrate different styles of awnings and their




awnings display stand 2016a



Betta Blinds offers a discounted range on all their products for showroom display purposes. Contact us for details.